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When is the best time to buy a car?

Thinking about buying yourself a new car? Here are some of the hottest tips regarding when the best time to buy is.

June 21, 2021·5 min read

Decided it’s time to trade up to the latest and greatest model? It could be your very first car purchase. Whatever the case, there are a few particular times throughout the year during which if you buy, you might have a much better chance to end up with a decent bargain. Let’s explore each of them now.

1. End of the month

When the end of the month is approaching, the dealership might be just one or two cars off a pretty sweet bonus from the manufacturer. If luck is on your side, you may be able to swing a new car at a price that actually loses the dealer money in order for them to hit their target (and more than make up for their loss from your sale with the bonus).

2. End of the financial year

By now you’re bound to have heard the acronym ‘EOFYS’ (End Of Financial Year Sale, for the uninitiated). The end of the financial year is an important time for dealerships to give their sales a final boost before 31 June, and as such there are special offers across almost every make and model you can take advantage of. These might include discounted sticker prices and/or free add-ons like extended warranties or accessories.

3. End of the year

With the end of each year comes the close-out of the current model-year cars dealerships have in stock. As a result, dealers will want to try and get rid of all this stock so they have as little of last year’s stock as possible when the new year arrives. This, of course, means you could see a nice reduction of purchase price around December each year.

4. Start of the new year

If you decide to wait a little longer and give the end-of-year potential deals a miss, it could end up being quite lucrative provided the dealer still actually has stock of what you’re looking to buy. In which case, you’ll start seeing ‘plate clearance’ sales being advertised by different car brands; that is, getting rid of last year’s model-year vehicles to make way for the new model-year cars that’ll be arriving at dealerships around February-ish.

5. Right before a new model is released

Not overly concerned about getting the very latest tech or new body shape? You could grab an awesome deal if you keep your ear to the ground and stay updated regarding new, updated versions of what you want are being released. Not in terms of just a new model-year, but more so a full upgrade to a vehicle that’s been perhaps given minor updates over a few years. Many people will want to wait for the upgraded model to be released, leaving the current model sitting idly in dealerships’ yards waiting for you to come and scoop it up at a great price.

Let carconnect find your model at a hot price now

At the end of the day, it might not be possible for you to wait around for one of the aforementioned times of the year to buy. If you’re keen to get into your new car sooner and with absolutely zero stress involved, carconnect will help you find the best deals for whichever make and model you’re looking for.

Search for your new car today and once you’ve found what you’re after, provide us with some details and we’ll tap into our extensive network of dealers around Australia to put the tender out. You’ll then be presented with the different prices and it’s simply a matter of choosing which one you’re happy with, then arranging payment. Once that’s done you can sit back and relax, waiting for your brand new car to be delivered directly to you at your home or workplace, or arrange to pick it up click & collect style (sans the groceries)!

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