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By partnering with carconnect, you can unlock amazing value for your employees through our dedicated services. Save them time, money and hassle out of finding their next new car.

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Let your employees benefit

We do cars, so your employees can get on with life. 

We've redesigned the car buying process for Australian's to take the time and hassle out of getting that next car, all whilst giving them unbeatable savings in the process.

We know that many organisations pride themselves on offering exclusive benefits to their employees. So this end, we've enabled a B2B dedicated service which lets employers unlock value at no cost when it comes to new car buying for their employees. 


How we can help you.

By partnering with us, we can help your employees with that next car purchase including:

Learn more about our process and common FAQs here.


How to get started.

We're able to provide you with a range of engagement strategies and materials for your employee base, including:


Sounds great. What will it cost us?

Zilch. We can offer this service as an employee benefit directly to your employees at no charge. Our standard customer fee model (2.75% inc GST of the vehicle value) applies.


Which corporate partners do you already work with?

We're proud to partner with a range of Australia's leading employers including:

Major retailers such as Coles, Kmart and others.
Real estate agents such as Di Jones Real Estate.

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