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Corporate Partnerships with carconnect

Offer your employees a unique service saving them time and money on the second most expensive purchase families make.

Let your employeesbenefit

Embark on a reimagined car buying journey with carconnect, where we eliminate the time and hassle associated with acquiring your next vehicle while ensuring unparalleled savings throughout the process.

Recognising the significance of exclusive perks for employees, we present a dedicated Business-to-Business (B2B) service. This empowers employers to effortlessly unlock value, ensuring a streamlined and cost-free experience for their staff when it comes to purchasing a new car.

The Amazing Benefits on Offer

Discover the ease and efficiency of your next car purchase with our comprehensive services, covering everything from search to delivery:

  • Locate your ideal vehicle, regardless of your location

  • Secure unbeatable savings by tendering your new car request to our extensive network of dealers across Australia

  • Obtain a competitive price for your trade-in through independent valuations

  • Facilitate excellent finance deals

  • Organising delivery of your new vehicle or pickup from one of our national dealer partners

How to get started.

We're able to provide you with a range of engagement strategies and materials for your employee base, including:

  • Face to face engagement sessions with employees

  • Digital tools and reference materials including co-branded landing pages which can be embedded into intranets

  • Dedicated 1300 numbers for employee requests

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