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Why carconnect?

We want to be clear!

In fact, we want to be so clear we are transparent. 100% transparent.

Our costs are simple, we charge a $100 tender fee which is refundable against our service fee, so the most you’ll pay for our service is 1% of the price of the car.

We provide you with full visibility of the prices submitted directly from dealers.

You have permission to feel smug

Bragging about the price you paid for your new car is one of life’s simple pleasures.
Now you can explain that not only did you score a jaw dropping price, but there was no haggling and no hassle! Just home delivery, free fuel and floor mats.

We are not a car broker, we are a car concierge service.

Great deals

All you need to know are the three elements to a great car deal:
The purchase price – we have you covered
Trade-in – see us for three quotes
Finance – see our friends at stratton

What our customers are saying


Who or what is carconnect?

What if you loved the process of buying your new car as much as the car itself? At carconnect we decided to make that possible.

We have created a simple process that allows you to get prices from dealers online, make a purchase without needing to haggle and have your new car delivered to your door. It is about being more than just a car broker; we call it a car concierge service.

What makes carconnect different?

We commit to our transparent pricing structure – we charge 1% of the invoice price.

We use our industry knowledge and connections to ask dealers to give you the best price on a new car. And because we work with them, they give us great prices in return.

We use a unique mix of technology and people to speed up the process, so your weekends are free to do the things you love. Most importantly, we offer a complete service – we take care of your trade-in and competitive finance through our partnership with stratton.

How does this work?

We have created a simple process that allows you to get prices from dealers online, make a purchase without needing to haggle and have your new car delivered to your door.

  • We will take care of your trade-in as a separate transaction and obtain a minimum of 3 independent valuations.
  • We can organise finance for you via our finance partner, stratton.
  • We will pick up your current vehicle and deliver the new car to your door with a complimentary full tank of fuel and floor mats.

How do I know you won’t rip me off?

That is a fair question and we’ll address it head on.

We’re 100% transparent with our fees and services. So you'll always know what you’re paying and why. We provide you with full visibility of the tender prices submitted directly from dealers through a portal with no mark ups or hidden fees.

How do you save me money?

We save you money because we partner with dealers, not compete against them. That may sound like an oxymoron but it’s true. Because we generate lots of business for dealers and they know we only tender out the requirements of genuine buyers, they work hard to give you the best possible price they can.

Then, because we are not hiding any of our own fees and charges in the price, the price you get is the most competitive in the market.

Can you find me a used car?

We don’t have a broking service available for used cars, however we do have a limited range of prestige used cars available in our Silverwater showroom here.

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