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The essential factors that make a good new car deal great

When buying a new car, it’s more than just the price that makes it a great deal. Learn about all the factors in play before buying here.

September 22, 2022·7 min read

The Good Gatsby. Alexander the Good. The Good Wall of China. The Good Outdoors. Good Expectations. Good Southern Land.

They really just don’t have the same ring to them, do they?

And while we could delve into a multitude of hypotheses about what makes good movies, songs, leaders, books, TV shows and wonders of the world great, it’d all be lacking the density and substance that one would hope for. Because none of those subjects are our areas of expertise.

Cars, on the other hand, are. You might even say we know cars better than Arnie knows how to get his pump on at the gym. Better than Slash knows how to lay down a bloody impressive riff. Better than Dr. Phil knows how to pretend to be a doctor (seriously, look that one up).

Which means we most definitely can talk about what goes into making a good new car deal… great. And it might surprise you that it’s a bit more than just the purchase price of your new car that goes into getting a truly great deal.

The 6 key pieces of the new car deal puzzle

Righto, so you’ve either got the car you want in mind or you’re still doing a bit of research before you make a final decision. Before you go in all guns blazing to buy your new car, though, it’s important to understand how different factors can affect not just the bottom-line price you end up paying for it (without you even realising), but also your ongoing costs and headaches down the track.

Let’s take a look at each of the main ingredients that go into baking a tasty great new car deal cake, shall we?

Purchase price

This one’s pretty obvious. If you pay a ridiculous amount of money to buy the car, right off the bat you’re looking down the barrel of a crap deal. Negotiating for the best price can be a little daunting and anxiety-inducing for many people, and piling emotions on top of stress can be detrimental to how it all turns out.

If you’d prefer skipping this step completely, carconnect will source the make and model you want at a fantastic price, allowing you to bypass all the time-consuming legwork and negotiating!

Trade-in price

If you have an existing car, you might be considering trading it in for your new vehicle. And while this does make things maybe a little easier, it can help a salesperson confuse the numbers so it looks like you’re getting an amazing deal on your new car’s price, but in reality they’re just paying you peanuts for your old car which allows them to show you a lower price on the new one.

To get the most out of your car and make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, carconnect offers a car selling service which includes sorting out inspection, tendering for valuations and even pickup of the vehicle.


Many car manufacturers now offer some pretty impressive inclusions with the sale of their vehicles including multi-year warranties and capped price servicing, which can provide peace of mind and save you money for years on your servicing costs.

For example, Mitsubishi is currently offering an industry-leading 10 years’ warranty as well as 10 years of capped price servicing for their entire range.


Starting a conversation about the purchase price of a car without having pre-approved finance is like jumping into Great White-infested waters without being securely locked inside a shark cage just after you’ve thrown a bucket of fish chum in.

Being able to negotiate as a ‘cash buyer’ is a great bargaining chip, but to do that you need to get pre-approved, so make sure that’s sorted out first. 

Optional extras

Before you can finally drive it off the lot and see whether it really will go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosene (put it in ‘H’!), you’re bound to get at least a little push to go for things like paint protection, rust-proofing, alarms and the like. Steer clear of them all.

Customer service

It might be a little less obvious than the others, but the overall level of customer service you get from the moment you engage with the salesperson should be a good indication of how much the business cares about customer satisfaction.

Considering you’ll be taking your car there for several years to get its scheduled servicing, it’s important to know you’ll be treated well and that its servicing staff are competent and thorough (hint: Google reviews can be a huge help in finding this out).

Get an incredible new car deal with carconnect today

Whatever type of car you’re looking for from Abarth to Volvo and everything in between, we’ll be able to find it by tapping into our extensive network of dealers located all over Australia - and at a fantastic price to boot.

Our range of first-class services also includes helping with the sale of your existing vehicle should you need it, from arranging an inspection to receiving fair market valuations and even pickup.

So what are you waiting for - search for your new car today! If you’d like some more information about one or more of the services we offer, please give our team a call on 1300 880 008 or use our online contact form to send us a message and we’ll be in touch soon.

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