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Jim’s carconnect Official Press Release

Jim’s Group launches national vehicle partnership to support rapid growth of its mobile services across the country

July 08, 2024·5 min read

Media Release July 2024 

Jim’s Group launches national vehicle partnership to support rapid growth of its mobile services across the country

·       The Jim’s Group forms national partnership to launch Jim’s carconnect

·       Jim’s carconnect is available to all Jim’s franchisees, customers and the general public

·       The service will support the Jim’s Group to fasttrack its growth Australia-wide

·       The Jim’s Group is a mobile service provider that needs quality vehicles to deliver services

·       The Jim’s carconnect service makes buying a new car and trading in a used car easy

The Jim’s Group is Australia’s largest franchise group with over 5200 franchisees and tens of thousands of workers across the country.

Nearly every franchisee has a vehicle with many boasting as many as five vehicles.  According to Jim Penman, the Jim’s Group, is one of the country’s largest consumers of vehicles.   The Jim’s Group is a mobile service provider that requires quality vehicles to deliver its services.

“Because of the nature of what we do, we buy a lot of vehicles, whether they be cars, utes, vans or SUVs, we need vehicles to provide our services.  We are fundamentally a mobile service provider.  We buy a lot of cars and we do a lot of miles,” Penman said.

“This is why we have created a new partnership with carconnect to launch Jim’s carconnect.  We need to ensure that our franchisees have access to the best and most reliable vehicles for the best price.

“We can’t afford to have vehicle breakdowns or to spend more than needed on the best vehicle.  We need the best value possible for our franchisees and our new Jim’s carconnect partnership and services will make this possible.

“Jim’s carconnect also provides other services as well such as servicing, new tyres and scratch and dent repair.  Our vehicles need to be in tip top shape all the time as they are an extension of our brand.”

Jim’s carconnect is a new car finding service that works with buyers to find them the best vehicle for the best price anywhere in Australia.

carconnect is a national service that connects buyers with new cars. carconnect gathers information from the buyer about what type of vehicle they would like and their budget and then goes about finding the best vehicle for the best price.

carconnect also provides other services such as finance and insurance.

“Jim’s carconnect will revolutionise how the Jim’s Group franchise nework purchases its cars.   It is also open to customers of the Jim’s Group and the broader general public as well,” carconnect, head of corporate and partnerships, Malfitana said.

“At Jim’s carconnect, the process of purchasing a new car is so easy.  Not only do we find a new vehicle for you, we also deliver it to your doorstep or to any of our dealer partners nationwide.

“We make the process of buying a new car simple.   Say goodbye to wasting your weekends visiting countless showrooms and car lots, we handle all the details for you.

“Every year, we help thousands of customers save time, money and the hassle of buying a brand new car.   From discovering your new ideal vehicle to handling your trade-in and negotiating fantastic deals, our services are accessible from anywhere.”

According to Malfitana, the new Jim’s carconnect service will not only save franchisees and their businesses time and money, it will help them to fast-track their growth.   Jim’s franchisees need the best vehicle available for the best price.   They can’t afford to be waiting months for a vehicle to arrive into Australia, they need the best vehicle for the best price delivered to their door immediately.

“New brands and models of vehicles are arriving in Australia all the time.  How do you decide which one is better and what features to look for.   We can help with this process too.  Our service isn’t just for Jim’s franchisees, it is available for the general public so we urge anyone wanting to trade in their vehicle, purchase a new vehicle or get their car serviced to reach out,” Malfitana said.

The new partnership Jim’s carconnect, is now available nationwide and has already started helping Jim’s Group franchisees access amazing new car deals.   

About Jim’s Group

Jim’s Group was founded by Jim Penman in 1989, and now has over 5,000 franchisees in 50 plus  divisions. It is a family-owned business that helps sole operators to thrive, with a flexible lifestyle and unlimited room to grow.

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