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Discover the Top 5 Most Popular Hybrid Cars in Australia for Eco-Friendly Driving

Not quite sold on buying a purely electric vehicle? Check out our list of the top five hybrid cars in Australia.

February 13, 2023·10 min read

Like the idea of owning a hybrid vehicle but don't know which one to go for?

Hybrid cars have become a popular choice of vehicle in recent years, and it's no surprise why. In 2022, hybrid car sales in Australia hit a record high, with an increase of 16% from the previous year.

Combining the efficiency of electric motors with the power of traditional combustion engines to provide a great balance between running costs and performance.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 best hybrid cars in Australia and what makes them an environmentally friendly option for those looking to save money at the pump without fully committing to an electric vehicle.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid - Driveaway price from $45,079* - $61,625*

The Toyota RAV4 is a well-loved vehicle in Australia and its hybrid version is no exception. In 2022 Toyota achieved one of its best ever annual sales result in Australia, selling a whopping 72,815 hybrids across its range. And with a wait time stretching to an astounding 12-24 months on some hybrid variants, we must ask is it worth the wait?

Different RAV4 hybrid models range in price and features, from the base GX hybrid to the premium Edge model. If you’re looking to get into a RAV4 as soon as possible make sure to consult your car buying consultant to see which models have better availability at the time of purchase and double check the spec list to ensure you’re getting the features you want to suit your lifestyle and budget.

As for range, this beauty holds up to its reputation for performance and will take you far and wide on a single tank. You won’t have to worry about running out of juice on those long road trips as the AWD Cruiser allows up to 1146km on a single tank.

If you have the patience to wait out the delay, the Toyota RAV4 hybrid still competes well in the hybrid space with many people choosing to place an order and source alternative vehicles in the short term. The confidence to do this stands as the resale value of the RAV4 hybrid continues to best most other hybrids in the market.


Toyota Corolla Hybrid - Driveaway price from $34,893* - $42,093*

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is another well performing and reliable vehicle in the Toyota family. With over 1.5 million Toyota Corollas sold in Australia for over 50 years, it is easy to see why this car is trusted and widely loved by Aussies.

It's a compact hybrid vehicle that offers efficiency, reliability, and affordability. It has a starting price of around $34,893*, making it a cost-effective option for those looking for a hybrid vehicle that’s built to last.

The Corolla Hybrid is packed with features  including:

Blind Spot Monitor with Safe Exit Assist

8" Colour touchscreen display

Apple CarPlay

Under the hood, the Corolla Hybrid is powered by a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors. They work together to provide a total system output of 121 horsepower. It's a smooth and fuel-efficient ride, making it a cost-effective option for those looking to save at the pump.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - Driveaway price from $60,390* - $75,610*

 The Outlander PHEV is the first plug-in hybrid vehicle from Mitsubishi and is one of the top-selling models in Australia. It has a stylish design and a track record of dependability, making it a top contender in the hybrid vehicle market.

 The Outlander PHEV is priced at $60,390*, which means it's competitively priced in the PHEV market. Plus, when you consider the fuel savings you'll make, it's a real bargain.

Powered by a 300 V lithium-ion battery for efficient electric power, it can seamlessly switch to engine power when needed, making it responsive to the drivers needs.

With fuel efficiency rated at 9.1 L/100km, the Outlander PHEV is a great option for both city driving and road trips.


Kia Niro Hybrid - Driveaway price from $48,815* - $54,747*

Where the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid holds up on reliability, performance and tradition, the second generations of the Kia Niro hybrid offers a modern aesthetic to the hybrid car.

Aligning itself with the ergonomic design elements of Kia’s EV6 and Sportage models; The Kia Niro manages to make the cabin feel roomier with a more efficient use of space than its first generation offering.

The base model, the S - Line starts at $48,815* drive away and the top range GT-Line starts at $54,747*. The GT-Line offers premium features such as added safety, a larger central screen, and a wireless charging pad.

So with top of the line features like this, It may be a better option to spring for the top of the range or look for a dealer demo as the premium features could be worth the km’s.


Lexus LS 500 - Driveaway price from $210,884* - $216,274*

For a more premium hybrid experience, consider the Lexus LS 500 as it boasts some surprising new features that may see you splurging on your next ride.

Pricing for the Lexus LS 500 starts at $210,884* for the F Sport and boasts some enviable interior features that have become synonymous with the luxury Lexus provides. These include:

12.3" Multimedia Touchscreens -  One of the largest screens available on the market.

23 surround speakers -  For an unmatched audio experience

Acceleration Sound Control (ASC)  - For a whisper quiet ride

If this doesn’t quite sate your desire for indulgence and you want to impress a car full of your buddies, you may spring for the top-of-the-line Sports Luxury for an additional $5,390*.  This boast features your passengers can enjoy, including:

Rear Seat Entertainment Systems

Rear Seat Massage Function with 7 different programs

22 Way Power Adjustable Rear Seats 

As a top-of-the-line luxury vehicle, the Lexus LS 500 does not disappoint in any of its latest tech updates or it’s comfortability. However, It’s the update to the 3.5-litre petrol-hybrid engine, making it a quieter and more responsive drive that places it in our list of worthwhile hybrids to consider if you have the budget.


Benefits Of Hybrid Vehicles

Having explored the top hybrid cars available in Australia, it's time to delve into the numerous benefits these vehicles offer. From improved fuel efficiency to reduced emissions, hybrid cars offer a range of advantages that make them an attractive option for car owners. So, let's dive right in!

 1. Cheaper on fuel

 We know you're tired of paying top dollar at the petrol pump, so having a hybrid car can be a real lifesaver. These vehicles have a clever combination of petrol and electric power so that you can save some serious coin on fuel.

This also translates to fewer trips to the petrol station. Some drivers have reported fuel savings of up to 30% compared to a traditional petrol-only car. That's some serious dosh you can save over time.

 2. Environmentally friendly

It's not just about saving money at the pump. Driving a hybrid car is also better for the environment, as you're producing fewer CO2 emissions.

 A hybrid car typically releases 46% fewer greenhouse gases than a conventional vehicle. That's a massive difference and a great way to do your bit for the planet.

 3. Excellent range

Another fantastic benefit of hybrid vehicles is their range. With a hybrid, you get the power of a regular engine and the efficiency of an electric motor. It can go further on a single gas tank than regular cars.

And the most amazing part? You can cruise around without feeling guilty about your carbon emissions.

Wrapping Up

The hybrid is a practical and environmentally conscious alternative to the petrol engine and as the price of gas continues to rise, considering a hybrid for your next car is a no brainer.

As people scramble to get an order in through their dealerships, we ask that you let us simplify the buying process and get your order at the front of the cue. Don't miss out!!

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*RRP is representative of base models and may very based on final vehicle specifications, whilst carconnect makes every effort to keep these prices up to date these prices are subject to change based on manufacturer discretion. RRP may not be inclusive of on-roads, government charges, taxes or levies.
Whilst carconnect expects to be able to source these prices or better for our customers, actual prices will depend on use, final vehicle specifications, payment option, location and availability.


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