Nissan Pathfinder is available for purchase in Dealerships in Australia

The Nissan Pathfinder is a reliable and affordable vehicle that is perfect for everyday Australian drivers. This mid-size SUV is designed with both comfort and convenience in mind, offering plenty of space for passengers, with seating for up to seven people. Its modern 3.5-litre V6 engine delivers outstanding fuel economy, so you can be sure you won't be spending too much of your money at the fuel pump. The Pathfinder also comes with a range of safety features, giving you peace of mind when on the road. Whether you're looking for a family car, a comfortable commuter vehicle, or a reliable way to get around town, the Nissan Pathfinder is an excellent choice.

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Are you looking for a reliable and capable 4WD that stands the test of time? The Nissan Pathfinder is your ideal choice. With an enviable history in Australia and a range of variants that offer flexibility for any purpose, the Pathfinder offers it all. Originally released in Australia in 1987, the Nissan Pathfinder has seen a range of models since then, with each making the most of the latest technology and offering something special. Whether it be the robustness of the R51, the sleekness of the R52, or the all-out luxury of the R52 Platinum, the Pathfinder has grown in capability with each generation. For the modern driver, the Pathfinder offers a comprehensive suite of safety features including Advanced Driver Assist, blind spot warning, and lane departure warning. It's a vehicle that you can trust to protect you and your family. So, why not make the Nissan Pathfinder your next new or used car purchase online? With its history in Australia, its range of variants, and its comprehensive safety features, you can be sure you're making the right decision.

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