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Our top 10 FAQs about buying a car

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 frequently asked questions we are asked by people looking to buy a brand-new car. Check them out here.

February 05, 2021·8 min read

It could be due to a new member of your family entering the world recently. Maybe you were on your way to work and your old beater crapped out - again. Or perhaps you’ve finally become an empty nester and want to add a throaty 8-cylinder to your list of toys. However and whenever the moment happens and you think ‘I need a new car', it’s the first step you’ll take on your vehicle-purchasing journey.

Over the years we’ve had all kinds of questions from people who are in the market to buy a new car. Through all of these experiences, we’ve been able to put a list of the 10 more common questions we get asked down, and provide an answer to each of them for you.

1. When’s the best time to buy?

If you’re looking for a bargain head into the dealer ready to rock and roll at the end of the month, or if possible right near the end of the financial year. You might find the salespeople a bit more open to lower prices if the car you’re thinking about buying tips them over the edge to get a very nice bonus.

2. Should I go with finance or use my savings?

There are pros and cons that can be attributed to both financing as well as using a big chunk of savings to pay for your new car. At the end of the day, the decision should be carefully considered depending on your individual circumstances.

3. If I want to finance, is dealer financing the way to go?

We think you should compare your options.

Ok, let’s elaborate on that a little bit. When you have financing numbers mixing with buying price it can get really confusing (to the benefit of the dealer, if you know what we mean). Add in a trade-in and it gets even worse. Plus, they only have a couple of lender options they can offer you.

If you’re considering financing, chat with the awesome folks at Stratton Finance - with a gargantuan network of lenders at their disposal, they’ll hook you up with a great  finance deal that works perfectly for you.

4. How do I know if I’m getting a good price?

It all comes down to the amount of research you put into the car you want to buy. Go into a negotiation with zero research and you’ll have your pants pulled down over the price - without even knowing that’s what’s happening.

Jump on  the endless number of car websites and trusty ol’ Google and take in as much information as you possibly can before taking one step in a dealership.

Or better yet, use carconnect! We’ll make sure you get the absolute best new car deal every time.

5. Is an extended warranty worth it?

When you buy new, you’ll likely be automatically getting a manufacturer’s warranty covering a certain amount of years and/or kilometres - the specifics are dependent on the brand you choose. Nowadays, they’re quite reasonable pretty much across the board.

But if you want full peace of mind, an extended warranty might be the way to go. We all know Murphy and his laws, and by them you can bet something will go wrong the day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

6. Should I trade in my old car or sell it privately?

This question has a very straightforward answer; if you want to get the most amount for your old car, compare your options. If you don’t want to deal with writing and posting ads, having your time wasted by tyre-kickers, and get it all done and dusted in the shortest time possible, trade it in.

However, if you want the best of both worlds - the highest price when trading it in - we can help with that.

7. Who is the best car insurance provider?

Ask two different people this question and you’ll get vastly different responses.

We recommend getting quotes from a few of the major players like Budget Direct, Bingle, AAMI, you and the like. But remember, just because it’s the lowest quote it doesn’t mean it’s the best. Read through the inclusions and exclusions and other T’s and C’s to understand what you’re paying for and choose accordingly. The team at Stratton Finance can also help you look at your insurance options.

8. What are the benefits of buying new instead of used?

As previously mentioned, buying new means you’ll get a manufacturer’s warranty. Also, many brands are offering free servicing for the first X years. And because it’s new, there won’t be any wear-and-tear repairing that needs to be done (if there is, warranty should cover it anyway though). You’re also getting the very latest features available.

9. How do I know what type of car to buy?

You need to write a list of what the car needs to have (e.g. towing capacity, number of seats, diesel engine, ute tray, etc.) and a few things you’d like it to have but aren’t 100% dealbreakers if it doesn’t.

Then it’s just a matter of using any one of the many car research websites (like us!) to search using the need-to-have parameters and seeing what pops up that’s in your price range.

10. Is it possible to buy a new car without having to deal with a car dealership?

Whether you’ve bought a car through a dealership or not in the past, you’re sure to be well aware of how stressful and anxiety-ridden the whole thing is either due to first-hand experience or stories from others. Skip the BS and use the first-class car buying services we offer at carconnect instead.

Forego the headaches and buy your new car at the best price with carconnect

We know buying a new car can be a bit tedious (to say the least), which is why we’ve redefined the car buying experience for Australians just like you. Simply find your desired make and model, and we’ll tender it out to our extensive network of dealers around the country who will put their best prices forward. Once you see the price you’re most happy with it’s then just a matter of finalising the purchase and we’ll arrange for it to be delivered directly to you!

So say goodbye to what used to be a nerve-wracking process. Put your feet up, crack open a cold beverage and search for your new car at carconnect now.

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