Refund & Cancellation Policy

A. Fees

This policy should be read together with the CarConnect Agency and Appointment and Order Form. For the purposes of this document references to the “Agreement” are references to this document and the Order Form.

A $100 tender fee (“Tender Fee”) is payable upon application. If you proceed with a transaction though the carconnect service, the Tender Fee will be applied to the procurement fee set out below.

Upon acceptance of a tender (through the customer portal or signing the customer order) the following fees are payable by you:

  1. a procurement fee (“Procurement Fee”) equal to 1% of the price of the accepted tender (“Nominated Price”); and
  2. a $1000 deposit for the vehicle (“Deposit”).

The Tender Fee, already paid, will be deducted from the Procurement Fee that is payable.

B. Refund of Deposit

Where a Deposit has been received from you, and that Deposit is not used towards the purchase of the vehicle, the Deposit will be refunded to you.

A Deposit that is to be refunded will be paid to you:

Note: we will process the refund within 48 hours as described above however we will not be responsible for any delay which is beyond our control, for example, due to your own banking and financial institution delays.

C. Adjustment to Vehicle Price after acceptance of tender

If any adjustment is required to be made to the Procurement Fee due to a change in vehicle price from the Nominated Price, the Procurement Fee will be adjusted up or down and any difference will be paid via the following methods:

For an increase to the Procurement Fee:

For a reduction in the Procurement Fee:

D. Termination by carconnect

If you decline to, or fail to, take delivery of the Vehicle after acceptance of a tender or otherwise breach the Agreement, carconnect may terminate the Agreement by written notice to you.

In this instance:

  1. The Procurement Fee is not refundable.
  2. Any Deposit paid will be forfeited and may be retained by carconnect, up to 10% of the Nominated Price. If the Deposit has not been paid to carconnect, it must be immediately paid by you to carconnect in cleared funds (“Forfeited Amount”); and
  3. You must reimburse carconnect for all direct costs, losses and damages caused to carconnect as a result of, or in connection with, the breach of this Agreement, which exceeds the Forfeited Amount.

E. Termination by Customer

You may terminate the Agreement by written notice to carconnect if carconnect does not purchase the Vehicle at, or below, the Nominated Price within 1 month of the date of the agreement, or otherwise notifies you in writing that it will be unable to do so.

In this instance, carconnect will refund the Procurement Fee, Deposit and Tender Fee, in full, within 48 hours of receipt of the cancellation in writing from you via the same payment type that the Deposit was originally received.

This policy does not affect in any way your statutory rights under any applicable laws.