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Partner with carconnect and be rewarded for helping your customers get behind the wheel of their next new car. With ten years of experience supporting businesses just like yours, you can trust that we will take care of your customers just like they were our own

How our program works

Step 1: Expression of Interest

Step 1: Expression of Interest

Complete our form below and our Partnerships Manager will get in touch

Step 2: Onboarding

Step 2: Onboarding

Once your expression of interest has been approved, you'll be sent an onboarding link in our portal

Step 2: Make Referrals

Step 3: Make Referrals

Using our portal or APIs, refer your customers to us to kick off their carconnect experience

Step 2: Receive Commissions

Step 4: Receive Commissions

Once your customer receives their new car, your commission will be paid to your nominated bank account

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