Volkswagen Golf -  All Your Questions Answered

The Volkswagen Golf is a truly iconic car that was initially produced as a replacement for the Beetle, and you could say it’s worked out pretty well. Over 40 years and more than 33million cars later we’re taking a look at the 2017 seventh generation Golf. Well, that’s not quite true as Volkswagen has updated last year’s model just enough to label this as the Golf 7.5. So aside from the fact that it’s an incredibly popular car, what else do you need to know?

What are your choices?

Choosing your new Golf isn’t quite as simple as you might think. There are a serious number of models and body types to choose from, but for this article, we’re just looking at the classic hatch.

You have six hatch model variants to choose from

The differences between the three mid-range model variants are subtle enough while the GTI and R offer significant upgrades.

What about the engine?

There are two engine choices for most of the range with the 2.0L petrol engines reserved for the GTI and R models only.


1.4L TSI Turbocharged 110kW BlueMotion engine with a fuel economy of 5.4L/100km

2.0L TSI Turbocharged 169kW BlueMotion engine with a fuel economy of 6.6L/100km (GTI only)

2.0L TSI Turbocharged 213kW BlueMotion engine with a fuel economy of 7.2L/100km (R only)


2.0L Turbocharged 110kW engine with a fuel economy of 4.9L/100km

What are the transmission options?

The base and Trendline models have a six-speed manual gearbox while the DSG dual-clutch seven-speed automatic is available across the range. GTI and R drivers have a choice of either manual or automatic transmissions.

Are all the interiors the same?

Volkswagen has decided against changing too much in the interior, so there’s no major difference between this model and the one that has been on the market since 2013.

Across the range, everything is pretty much standard in the interior, but that doesn’t mean that it’s average. It’s very driver-focused, so all your controls are within easy reach and angled slightly towards you.

All cabins are the same size (unless you opt for a wagon, but we’re only discussing the hatch here) with good legroom in the back and drop down seats offering more luggage space should you need it.

The only real difference between model variants is if you opt for leather seats available in all Highlines and the GTI and R models.

What about tech?

Now we did say that there wasn’t much of a change in the cabin, but that wasn’t strictly true. This year’s model now comes fitted with an 8.0-inch multimedia screen. The infotainment system offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support which is standard on all models. You can also use the MirrorLink function to connect your mobile device or tablet through Wi-Fi.

You can upgrade the infotainment system to a 9.2-inch display and 10GB of storage. This upgrade allows you to make use of the new Gesture Control function which allows you to control various menus with mid-air swipes of your hand.

Certain models in the range also allow you the option to set personalised driver’s options such as seat height and position, and even air conditioning, to your own key. This means that multiple drivers can use their key to load their preferences by simply unlocking the car.

All models also include Stop/Start technology helping you protect the environment and cut down on fuel consumption.

Is it a safe car?

The Volkswagen Golf has a five-star rating from ANCAP so yes, it’s a pretty safe car.

Onboard safety features include

Are there a lot of accessories?

The Golf is perhaps one of the most accessorised cars on the road with everyone looking to make their standard hatch one of a kind. As such it should come as no surprise that there are a ton of accessories available.

These include

And if you fancy driving around in an R model but don’t quite need the power, you can add an R-Line package that turns your Golf into an R lookalike.

What about the warranty?

All Golf models come with a 3-year unlimited warranty and three years of roadside assistance. And while many other brands opt for six-month intervals between servicing, Volkswagen only need to service your Golf once a year. Although servicing isn’t price capped for a specific period of time, the Volkswagen website has an in-depth price guide for every model so you always know how much you can expect to pay.

How much is it going to cost me?

Prices for the new Golf 7.5 range have increased a bit from last year, but pricing now includes all on-road costs. An entry-level TSI starts at $23,990 with a Diesel Highline costing $36,990.

The GTI starts at $41,490 and works its way up to $47,990. You can add more to that with various packages and colour options.

The R costs $52,990 for the manual and $55,490 for the automatic. If you fancy a panoramic sunroof, then add another $1,900 while the driver assistance package will set you back $1,300.

Whether you’re in the market for a hot hatch or a family runabout, the Volkswagen Golf isn’t a bad choice. It still lags a bit behind the Hyundai i30 and the Toyota Corolla in terms of sales, but for a car in this class, the standard safety features are quite impressive.

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